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Ersatzspielgeld - - 1 Set 100/500/1000/5000
Bazaar: A letter from Sid Sackson 1976 - Bazaar, 1976: A letter from Sid Sackson to Avalon Hill about this game
Agreements between Sid Sackson and 3M 1975 - Letter
Ploy: A Letter from F. Thiebault 1969 - A Letter from F. Thiebault to Sid Sackson about Ploy and other things. Was included in Ploy prototype game.
The Gamesman #6, a review about 3M games 1971 - A games review together wit han article by Sid Sackson about his games Acquire, Bazaar, Monad and Venture.
Shipping box Phlounder - Original 3M shipping box of Phlounder game
Bingo Card / Windot 1992 - Bingo Card and special marker by 3M
Informations about 3M Comp. - - The 3M Story and Annual Reports
Sid Sackson's correspondence with 3M - - Informations from the Sid Sackson Archive (The Strong, Museum of Play)
3M internal info 1987 - internal 3M info from 1987

(23.07.12 G. Rosenbaum)